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I remember one occasion when I was trying to chat up a beautiful girl at a party in the East Village.I flashed her my best Hugh Grant grin and it seemed to have the desired effect because she beckoned her friend over. 'This guy’s got English teeth.’ Not that I had any trouble getting dates.In the two years I’d spent in America, no woman had ever bought me a drink. They expect to be treated like equals in the workplace, and heaven help the man who makes a sexist remark, but they hold fast to a courtship ritual that hasn’t changed much since the Declaration of Independence.When it comes to politics, they’ve all read Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem.

They may not be celebrated for their innate sexiness or sense of style as French women are, but there’s something deeply attractive about their natural diffidence.

I started regaling her with my blind-date war stories, a topic of conversation that was completely off-limits with American women.

They’d inevitably feel obliged to take up the cudgels on behalf of their sex, whereas Caroline just started cracking up.

I’d just come out of a tricky relationship with a difficult Englishwoman – smart and sexy but narcissistic and prone to mood swings.

I wanted a woman who was confident without being aggressive, attractive without being vain. The fact that American women devote so much time to personal grooming also appealed to me.

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