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I personally feel that the high gloss looks like shiny plastic and the matte or flat sheen looks dull.

That is my opinion though and I encourage you to choose what works for you.

The amount of paint that you will need will depend on 3 factors: The thickness of the paint: If you are using oil-based paint, you will need a larger quantity than a thinner water-based paint.

The thicker the paint, the more is needed but on a positive note, you won’t need as many coats of it so it can even out in the end.

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On that note, here are their pros and cons: I have left out “full glossy” and “matte” options because only a small percentage use it for their home.When you are applying oil based wood paint, just ensure that you have plenty ventilation, wear a fume mask and let it dry sufficiently. This chemical adds strength and is great for slightly humid environments.If you can’t find one, you can always apply a coat of polyurethane afterwards so don’t worry about it.While it is possible to start over, that won’t be necessary if you spend some time doing some research beforehand.This can actually be rather fun, especially if you do it with your significant other or a friend. Although most floor coatings (varnish, etc.) have a sheen value, I will keep this guide focused on colored paint.

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