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She was having an exuberant conversation — in sign language.

Not a sound came from her except for an occasional guffaw, but her conversation was so animated you almost felt you could hear it.

Skype has changed hands several times since its development by Scandinavian researchers, but its headquarters are still in Europe, and the development team and a large percentage of the employees are still situated in Estonia. All you need to set up Skype is a computer with Internet service. I wasn’t able to install it on my Mac, with OS 10.5.7.

To get sound and video you need a camera and microphone, standard in most computers. There is one drawback: If you have an older computer, especially a Mac, you may need help installing the software.

At one table, however, something remarkable was going on.

A woman was sitting in an armchair, her laptop perched on a table in front of her.

states allow proxy marriages, however in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Alabama, Missouri, and California, couples separated by distance are permitted to marry via webcam.

At home he uses sign with his hearing wife, but to speak to her by phone involved multiple steps and a third party, and was not a very satisfactory mode of communication.

Now he simply turns on the Skype Translator app and calls.

But it’s also a low-cost way to communicate with hard of hearing people closer to home.

You can even have a family meeting or a reunion of old roommates, since Skype allows multiple simultaneous connections.

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