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Connelly said the group helped make sure recruits didn’t get lost, and guided them through throngs of fans and media to their seats when they came to check out a game.The group already had rules, such as not allowing women to accompany a recruit past the lobby of their hotel.Now only athletes and conventional campus tour guides can act as hosts for recruits.Many groups, often traditionally entirely female, that help with athletic recruiting, are going extinct – although a few are managing to stay alive by undergoing radical changes.Ron Hubbard’s book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.” That tome, the basis for Scientology practices, classified the homosexual as “the sexual pervert.” The gay rumors about Travolta first became public in May 1990 after the National Enquirer ran a cover story describing an alleged two-year affair between Travolta and Paul Barresi, a gay-porn producer, the Daily Beast reported.According to Barresi, the two met in 1982, after the actor allegedly followed him into the shower room of a Los Angeles health club.In 2012, he was sued over two accusations that he tried to have sex with male masseurs at the Beverly Hills Hotel and at a resort in Atlanta, Georgia, Fox News reported.Those lawsuits, each seeking million in damages, were later withdrawn. District Court in Los Angeles, also claimed that Travolta masturbated during the encounter, the Daily Mail said.

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The masseur pushed for his case to be prosecuted but the officer determined that the “details do not meet the elements of battery …Barresi later retracted the story, claiming he did so under legal pressure from Travolta’s attorneys. Despite Travolta’s newlywed status — and the birth of Jett in 1992, the first of their three children — the spa allegations persisted in the tabloids, the Daily Beast said. News reported that Travolta was banned from a Los Angeles country club and a major hotel chain in the early 1990s over his alleged penchant for hitting on men in shower rooms, the Daily Beast said.This latest report about Travolta from 2000 could bring questions about his behavior back into the headlines, given the national conversation over sexual harassment and assault that is taking place place in the wake of misconduct allegations being made against other powerful men in Hollywood, as well as in politics and in Silicon Valley.In the 2000 case from Palm Springs, Travolta was then 46.According to the police report obtained by Radar the masseur said that Travolta kept removing his towel during the massage, exposing his bare buttocks.

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