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Having no children to educate, he never thought of borrowing.So he was astonished by the appliance repairman who divorced his wife and abandoned his house, owing ,000.A kid from down the street tried to burgle Michols, but Michols chased him off.Only a neighbor who mowed the vacant lots prevented Classen Avenue from reverting to pre-settlement prairie.

The 44105 zip code, which covers southeast Cleveland, was the scene of more housing speculation than any place in the country.

Unfortunately, the rest of America wasn’t paying attention.

Slavic Village was settled in the late 19th century by Poles, Czechs and Bohemians who’d been imported to break a strike by native-born workers at the Cleveland Rolling Mill.

The same thing happened across the street, where an absentee landlord bought out an owner, and rented to tenants who sold drugs.

After they set the house on fire, Michols went to court to have the place demolished. Having inherited his house, he’d never made a mortgage payment.

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