Taking a break from online dating speed dating events mississippi

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If you are someone who knows you have taken a long break from dating as a result of fear, rather than an intentional desire for space and healing, take a small step out of your comfort zone this week.

Smile at someone you find attractive while you're waiting in line for your morning coffee.

You may not be in touch with it, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

When you realize that you are the source of your happiness rather than seeing it as being given to you, conditionally, by another, you can make yourself available to love from a whole and hopeful place.

Other times we don't date because we are afraid of finding our old dating patterns resurfacing.

We fear that if it doesn't work out again, we will have confirmation that we just can't get it right.

The shift reflects the inner clarity we've gained because we look for love with openness and awareness.

Also, intentionally doing things differently is a way to take charge of your dating experience; it’s a way to begin a new adventure.We fear being devastated, even destroyed, by this loss.We protect ourselves from this disappointment by watching from the sidelines rather than getting in the game.The goal of seeing these is not to fix a part of ourselves or to feel that we have been damaged. But what about the other times when a break from dating feels unintentional, and well, unpleasant?Sometimes, these "breaks" can stretch for years or even decades.

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