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The myth thus represented the process by which life was made possible.These nine gods were grouped together theologically as the Ennead, but the eight lesser gods, and all other things in the world, were ultimately seen as extensions of Atum.From that marvellous and special building, Jorge Petit strives, year in year out, to create the best extra virgin olive oil to delight of the most discerning palates.And in order to do that, he selects the best olives from among his 15,000 olive trees, spread over the 70 hectares that make up the estate.While these differing cosmogonies competed to some extent, in other ways they were complementary, as different aspects of the Egyptian understanding of creation.The different creation myths have some elements in common.

And this is where the family comes into play and one member in particular, Jorge Petit, who restored a country property, Masía el Altet, dating from the 17th century, a building catalogued by the Valencian Government as deserving special architectural protection.This oil always comes from the first cold pressing and year after year, harvest after harvest, the objective is to delight and surprise lovers of virgin olive oil.Thanks to this blend of tradition and modernity, the best extra virgin olive oils are born.There were many versions of the sun's emergence, and it was said to have emerged directly from the mound or from a lotus flower that grew from the mound, in the form of a heron, falcon, scarab beetle, or human child.Another common element of Egyptian cosmogonies is the familiar figure of the cosmic egg, a substitute for the primeval waters or the primeval mound.

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