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Born and raised in South Africa, Cam was engulfed in numerous genres of music but was drawn to the boom bap of Hip Hop after hearing Nas’ seminal album ‘Illmatic”.

Now residing in Melbourne, Cam has an array of heavy weight releases under his belt, most recently producing Hilltop Hoods “Won’t Let You Down ft.

With an ever-growing online fan base and whispers throughout the industry as being the “next big thing”, Cam Bluff has thoroughly embraced Australian Hip-Hop and in return the country loves the hell out of him.

Winning super-production duo Hermitude’s ‘Speak of the Devil’ competition was a testament to Cam’s production stand- ing head and shoulders above the rest.

Over the years, Australia has built a reputation for snapping up artists and musicians that we would like to call our own.

And why not when there is an opportunity to attach ourselves to talent like go-to Hip Hop producer Cam Bluff.

Cap his critically acclaimed remix of 360’s ‘Boys Like You’ onto his list of accolades and you don’t need to be a genius to see Cam is going places.

Cam’s talent has seen his beats reach artists in South Africa (Tuks), Japan (Rhyme-A), America (Ed OG, Don Street) and throughout Australia with the countries best such as 360, Illy, Allday & Hermitude to name but a few.

Both have started to bring in a stick or two, and they are beginning to build up the edge of the nest bowl again. Hopefully nest renovation will continue and this female will bond will our resident male.

As we were hoping, other Sea-Eagles have passed by.

Less than two weeks to go to expected hatch date(s). At night, the female gets up for a stretch and to turn the eggs every 40-60 minutes.

The male has been roosting close by; ether behind the nest, above the nest or on a nearby tree. The ensuing "midnight duets" can probably be heard for miles around! The male brought a very large fish in during the day. Last evening, in the rain and wind, our new female laid an egg.

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