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Students may choose to restrict disclosure of directory information by visiting the One Stop office and filing a Directory Restriction form.By signing this form, students request that no information be released about them outside the University.A current social security card indicating the new name is also an acceptable form of documentation but a photo ID will also be required.Please note: Copies of documentation received that are not notarized cannot be accepted.Permanent employees should contact the Human Resources Office for assistance.Students may request a name change in one of two ways: All name change requests require the Request for Name Change form as well as legal documentation.

Students are notified when they file this form that their name cannot be published for Dean’s List or other publications announcing student achievements.All students are required to have a valid permanent (PR), billing (BI) and local mailing address (MA) even if the same address is listed for all three of these address types.Failure to do so could result in a registration hold being placed on your account.Students who are currently enrolled at The University of North Carolina at Asheville, or who have graduated, may have their gender status changed in the student information system by presenting to the Office of the Registrar an original, signed letter from a physician attesting to the process of gender transition or by an official court order affirming a gender change.Gender information does not appear on University documents (class rosters, academic transcripts, student ID cards, etc.) but is used for statistical reporting at times.

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