Updating using linq double your dating index

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Approximately 30 mins Microsoft Entity Framework abstracts the relational, logical database schema and presents a conceptual schema to the . In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Oracle Database and these three technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle Data Provider for . Then, you will query the EDM using three different methods: 1. LINQ query with a lambda expression and calling a stored procedure to perform an update against the results 3. Model-First allows the conceptual model to be created first by the developer.From that data model, the developer can automatically generate an Oracle relational database model in the form of DDL scripts.Before starting this tutorial, you should: In the Server Explorer window, if you already have a HR schema connection, expand it to connect to the database. Open the working directory to where you extracted the

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This section will demonstrate three common EDM querying methods: LINQ, LINQ with lambda expressions, and Entity SQL.I am using Visual Studio Community Edition for creating this sample.Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2013 and create a new MVC application of the name ‘MVC5_Bootstrap’.Use the Nu Get Package Manager to add the library as shown in the following figure.To apply rich styles we need to add the Bootstrap framework in the project as shown in the following figure The project also needs j Query library to make Ajax calls.

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