Valentina ukraine dating accomidating foreign language

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If you get too defensive you will end up offending women in situations where you are actually the one being inappropriate.

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Check my “Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies”.I am a 30 year old man living in Florida, USA, and for 3 weeks I have had continued communication with a very smart & beautiful Ukrainian woman named Valentina. And unfortunately…My old fashioned traits have alienated me from the women in my country.We met at a free online dating site called “”. I know it’s not true about all…but the American women I have had experience with, don’t really care about serious relationships…and all they want to do is get drunk and party all the time, and some (not all) have sex on the first date…and as I am a man…and I do enjoy making love just like any human…I still can’t do that with someone I’ve just met. Either I am rare or I am strange…and that’s really why I started online dating.She speaks great English and she has told me that she writes all her own letters to me and does not use a translator.But either way, I still have started learning her native language because I am genuinely interested in her, and her culture.

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