Vb6 current recordset does not support updating

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To revert to the record as the other user changed it, refresh the current record by using To add, edit, or delete a record, there must be a unique index on the record in the underlying data source.

If not, a "Permission denied" error will occur on the Add New, Delete, or Edit method call in a Microsoft Access workspace, or an "Invalid argument" error will occur on the Update call in an ODBCDirect workspace.

If the Lock Edits property setting is False (optimistically locked), the record is locked and compared with the pre-edited record just before it is updated in the database. Last Name = "Kobara" ' Show contents of buffer and get user input.

If the record has changed since you used the Edit method, the Update operation fails. str Message = "Edit in progress:" & vb Cr & _ " Original data = " & str Old First & " " & _ str Old Last & vb Cr & " Data in buffer = " & _ ! Last Name & vb Cr & vb Cr & _ "Use Update to replace the original data with " & _ "the buffered data in the Recordset?

To edit a record, use the Edit method to copy the contents of the current record to the copy buffer.

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By Mike Hillyer One of the most common sources of trouble for the beginning VB / My SQL developer seems to revolve around which cursor location to use.

If there are no records, the BOF and EOF property are True.

Hi folks, I am currently developing a database application, in which visual basic 6 will be used as the front end and oracle as the back end? I.e an oracle database will be created and then all the coding and read write functions on the data will be performed thru vb code rite? I used the database configuration assistant of oracle8i to create a database. Open "CREATE TABLE adooracle(item_number NUMBER(3) PRIMARY KEY,depot_number NUMBER(3))" Is this method ok? Recordset 'REFERENCE -MICROSOFT ACTIVEX DATA OBJECTS 2.1 LIBRARY Private Sub Form_Load() Set db = New ADODB. How can i remove this error and add new values using above method in the table? Any other methods for accessing and performiong operations on oracle dataabase through visual basic 6?

It would seem to me (and I have done a lot of VB6/Oracle work) that you don't have a requirement for Oracle's power and complexity.

In that case, why not use Access or SQL Server, which might better suit the small scale application?

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