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The PR company for this website is trying to drum up some buzz for the commercial, which was "rejected" by NBC for a Super Bowl spot--and they're using the argument that plus-size bias is to blame. The ad is for The Big And The -- a dating site for plus-sized men and women that was founded by Thompson.NBC Universal's rejection email said: "Unfortunately it needs to be completely reworked for our air."Of course I would like Whitney to settle down, get married and have a baby but both he and Larissa seem to be very career driven at this time." So it's officially Whitney and Larissa have the ultimate seal of approval!hitney Thompson, American’s Next Top Model cycle 10 winner launches an online dating website for plus size women and men who are looking for them. Michelle Rudan Model of the Moment Michelle Rudan is a “Model of the Moment” because this curvy plus size model is gorgeous, super sexy, and a very talented model.Here's what you need to know about Larissa: In 2014 Whitney exclusively revealed to us what a massive celebrity Larissa is in Germany saying, "I'm in Germany now, and the press has been insane. She seems to be the biggest star in Germany and everybody wants to know her business.

She's worked pretty regularly since then, most recently filming a commercial for a plus-size dating site which she founded, The Bigand The She believes they rejected the commercial because it features bigger women and not the skinnier accepted norm.

Thompson says the purpose of The Bigandthe is to get the whole “big girl elephant” out of the room because potential mates will already know what they’re getting into. Either way, I wasn’t what the guy was looking for,” she told Page Six.

“[When] I would [call myself] a ‘plus-sized model’ . She told Radar Online,“I created this site so people don’t have to stress over their profile, but can focus on the fun and excitement of meeting and dating other incredible people of all shapes and sizes.” I get what Whitney is saying.

Thompson is the founder and president of the venture.

She has strung together enough of these “moments” to have a fantastic career.

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