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Their break-out album The Execution of All Things (Saddle Creek Records, 2002) was recorded on the same record label as Bright Eyes, out in Omaha Nebraska.

A Lewis performance as of late spans her work with boyfriend Jonathan Rice from their album I’m Having Fun Now, as the duo Jenny and Johnny; as well as a few Rilo songs thrown in which always send the crowd going wild.

From the gorgeous “My Slumbering Heart” Rilo Kiley song featuring Jason Boesel’s impressive drumming skills, to their concert favorite “With Arms Outstreched”, there is much reason to hope Lewis will bring out more old classics on her next tour as Oberst did this time around.

As Lewis sings on the title track from her second solo album Acid Tongue, “Being lonely is a habit, like smoking or taking drugs, and I’ve quit them both but man was it rough”, arm in arm with all the musicians who have graced the stage that night.

She said she made them when she was trying to cope with her son's illness (right)In the statement, shared by Pitchfork, she added: 'I publicly retract my statements about Conor Oberst, and sincerely apologize to him, his family, and his fans for writing such awful things about him.

Faircloth, a married mother living in North Carolina, did not expand on her son's ill health in the statement, but her Facebook posts show he is autistic and suffers from a kidney disease.

It’s not that he’s decided that the world is a wonderful place where good people get what they deserve, it’s that he seems more adjusted to the struggle, with writing songs and enjoying what he can.

Lewis has always had a bit of a rowdier persona as opposed to the former stereotype of “emo” and alone Oberst.

One of the best collaborations among alternative rock musicians of Oberst’s generation is most certainly his work with indie-darling Jenny Lewis, formerly (sobs, yes formerly) of Rilo Kiley. As a fifteen year old just discovering Oberst in 2005, he was receiving rave reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, the New Yorker and the New York Times, at only twenty five years old.

Parents love him, a whole new generation of teens love him, hell the greats like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young sing his praises. County were treated to a co-headlining show of the two--and to the great happiness of fans at Oberst’s L. show the week before--Lewis also made a guest appearance at U. Additionally the two had separate night shows in SF that weekend, at classic venues the Great American Music Hall and the Fillmore.

For this review, I’ll take a more personal tone to chronicle just how much “I Believe in Symmetry” (as Oberst sing’s on 2005’s Digital Ash in a Digital Urn). A., it has been the perfect fall to return to the Bay Area and immerse myself in music. Although Oberst sings on many a Lewis song (a favorite is a cover of the Travelling Willbury’s “Handle With Care”), and vice versa, catching the two at a show together is still a rare gem. Basically, it’s been an ideal fall to be a fan of two of indie-rocks biggest stars.

Instead, her online presence showed she was a big fan of Oberst'The last time I saw Desaparecidos perform at the Cat's Cradle, it was my 16th birthday and Conor pulled me up on stage and sang happy birthday,' read a post made under the name 'Joanie Faircloth' in January.

We all have that band that has saved us from our painful years of growing up and finding out how to make sense of the world, and of ourselves.

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