Who is debbie harry dating

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Olympus— who never seems to stop or run short of energy.

Chris Stein, Harry’s boyfriend at the time as well as the other half of Blondie’s creative core, published pictures of it in his recent book Negative, a collection of his photographs from the early years of their fame. There was a widespread assumption that there was room for just one main female performer in each genre. Poly Styrene died in 2011, but remarkably the others are all still creating: both Hynde and Albertine have made fine solo albums in the past three years; Sioux never really went away; Black still plays with her band, and last summer Bush returned to the live arena for the first time since she was 20 with a triumphant run of London shows, which sold out in minutes.She thought no more of it until years later, when she saw the driver on the news.It was Ted Bundy, the serial killer who eventually confessed to murdering at least 30 women.“It was great to work with Iggy again,” Harry says.They met when she was a waitress at the legendary New York music venue Max’s Kansas City, and Blondie’s first real tour was as his support act, at a time when his band included David Bowie on the keyboard.

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