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It is said that vegetarian Hindu book keepers were hired to preserve and pass down the secret recipes, so that they wouldn't be tempted to corrupt the recipes.Today, there are several versions of the original recipes.The story goes that the then British Resident, James Kirkpatrick desired a beautiful home to stay in and approached the Nizam with this design on a large sheet of paper.The Nizam rejected it thinking of it as a building that would require a large piece of land.While Paradise restaurant is quite famous for its biryani, a relatively lesser known joint, Shah Ghouse offers equally good biryani and at much lower prices. Soul strings Pearls: Hyderabad is said to be the largest market for pearls in the country.The Nizams were great patrons and the pearl trade flourished in Hyderabad thanks to local artisans who excelled at the delicate art of piercing and stringing pearls.Legend has it that a two inch high layer of priceless pearls would be spread on the royal palace terraces for cooling during summers. Metal magic Bidri: The beautiful metal craft of bidri is said to have come to Hyderabad from Iran, via Bidar in Karnataka, (which is how many believe it got its name). Bling it on Bangles at Laad Bazaar: Just off Charminar is Laad Bazaar, a bustling market housing more than 100 shops that sell stone studded lac bangles.

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Lasting for 30 minutes, the history of Hyderabad unfolds in a melange of high tech light and colour with musical dancing fountains displaying 116 water effects, for a gallery that can seat 2,000 people. Pure opulence The Chowmahalla Palace: This palace of the Nizams is easy to miss if you're not looking out for the pair of light cream gates that blend into the colour of the surrounding wall, when you go down the road from Laad Bazaar.The Nizam's prime minister, Mir Alam then advised Kirkpatrick to change the scale of the drawing and present it again on a smaller sheet of paper. Just for Laughs Sudha Car Museum: Indulge your wacky side at the unique Sudha Cars Museum at Bahadurpura. White wonders Snow World: You don't have to travel abroad to play in the snow anymore.Here you'll see fully functioning cars in the shape of a burger or shiva linga, stiletto, boot (complete with laces), camera, helmet, computer and many more such creative ideas that make up the 150-plus displays here. You can literally chill out despite the heat, right here in Hyderabad. Wild encounters Nehru Zoological Park: Spread across 380 acres, the Nehru Zoological Park is considered to be among the largest in the country.Built as a replica of the Shah's palace at Tehran, Iran, the construction of the Chowmahalla is said to have begun in 1750 but it was completed only in the mid-1800s.The regal Italian marble and the now restored Belgian and European crystal chandeliers in the Khilwat section of the palace are awe inspiring.

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