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The main tools of ‘e Dating’ get a thorough analysis here, including a guy’s photos and profile, as well as how to master emailing and calling all those luscious lasses, and even an overview of current online dating sites.

e Dating Doc is a training course for guys with simple needs – to get to date as many girls as possible, or at least get better at dating them one at a time.

Pity then that it feels so tired and so much like it’s been done before.

Perhaps the topic didn’t lend itself to be exciting or very engaging.

Some of them could be insightful (for example, what to do if you call her and she doesn’t answer – ruuuuuuuuuun and never look back! Online dating sites are given their turn in the 5th module.

Radio Wright may present his points (in endless drop-down menus in his slideshows) with as much enthusiasm as he can muster, but it still comes across being rather blah stuff about blah topics that have been done to death in many other guises online.

It’s not to say that the entire course is without merit, because that would be too harsh.

There are interesting tips to be gleaned, and at least the effort was made to provide a cohesive, logical training experience.

There’s also a ‘First Dates’ vid of just under 20 minutes by Doc as an extra, as well as another vid called ‘Facebook – The Social Warmer’.

The Facebook one has some interesting insights into the dynamics of how to contact, flirt and go further using the social media behemoth.

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