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I had another first date two days later and was panicked at the thought of having to figure out something else to wear. I wore them on several more first dates, but soon, the magic started to fade.My overalls were a perfect dating security blanket.At one scene in the motel, a smashed watermelon is visible by the bed with no explanation as to why or how it got there.This is because the scene involving the watermelon gag was cut, but the smashed watermelon is still in the shot.The first dates I go on are still full of snap-judgements and self-description, but I don't want my clothing to do the heavy lifting for me — my own voice says more than a bib with buckles ever could.I've learned that despite how scary it can feel, I'll save myself some heartache by playing the role of me and accepting the outcome without regret.A person I understand better each time someone decides he doesn't want to know her anymore.

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I think Heather Havrilesky, aka "Ask Polly," said it best when she described relationships in your 20s as "boarding one of those ridiculous Second World War bomber planes" and flying it perilously across the Pacific Ocean.But if I perform the role of the Cool Girl for several weeks and then said millennial companion flings himself from the cockpit when I finally let slip that I am a community of loosely held organs controlled by impulsive and paranoid hormones, then I've wasted everyone's time. When I dived head first into the dating world a year ago — after being forcefully ejected from a longish relationship — I was at a loss about what to wear on proper first dates.A dress can feel too ladylike; skinny jeans too basic; boyfriend jeans too frumpy; shorts too revealing, etc.The overalls should have been an obvious first-date choice (I'm certainly not the first person to date in them) that I initially discounted because I worried they made too much of a statement.The Cool Girl doesn't make strong statements, said a voice inside of me.

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