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Some sources also attribute the perpetuation of the term , meaning “to decorate with green leaves.” Though the tradition of decorating the maypole with leaves seems to be a Germanic addition, the origins of the maypole itself date back to early medieval festivals in France, when the Carolingian kings would muster their troops on May 1.Among other contests archers would compete in shooting at a bird (real or fake) placed at the top of a tall pole.

Gathering flowers to weave into wreaths and crowns was a way to harness nature’s magic to ensure good health throughout the year.Raised bilingual and bicultural, she has traveled extensively in Scandinavia, both independently and as a professional tour leader.Her writing and photography have appeared in a wide range of print and online publications. Even though most people these days probably are unaware of the magical origins of the tradition, weaving crowns of flowers is still a major part of any Midsummer observance.The magic of Midsummer also extends to the realm of romance.

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