Raleigh nc dating scene

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"When I came out as a young dyke in Durham," says Cris Rivera, 32, "I scoffed whenever I heard people say this was the place to be as a lesbian. But the truth is, these are popular with our community in the big cities, too.

My small circle of bar friends would scratch our heads about the accolades in the national gay press, and laugh at how the media attention was drawing unsuspecting queers here to meet the same dead social scene and embarrassingly tiny social web." There are certainly more things to do than there used to be, more ways to meet people--from gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses to welcoming churches, family picnics and nightlife. Still, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill--to say nothing of Cary, Apex, Carrboro and Holly Springs--seem an odd choice for a gay man or lesbian. Rivera offers one answer: "I truly did grow up here.

They are pretty much the same places that straight people like to hang out.

"Although I frequented those places a lot more when I was single," she says, "my partner and I will still visit those places alone from time to time and with our other lesbian friends.

or if you have been single for awhile and are out there playing the field, and loving it! Secretly circle yes or no if you would like to see them again.And gays and lesbians like it here for all the same reasons straight people do.Some move here for jobs, some for a less hectic way of life, some for a lower cost of living. Some are moving back, years after running to a big city to come out, to be close to aging family members. "I was in the military when I came out and glad to be so close to Raleigh," says Anissa Litwin, 35, of Chapel Hill."Great local places to hang out with other gay people, in my opinion?" Denise Dunn, 36, easily lists a couple dozen one right after the other, and those are just in Durham.

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