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All the rest is technically illegal and only gedoogd, a word usually translated as “condoned” or “tolerated.” For instance, you won’t be prosecuted if you have less than of five grams of cannabis on you, but police are still allowed to confiscate your herb.

These days it's standard practice at most Dutch music festivals to frisk all visitors at the entrance.

It's hard to name a country more famous for cannabis than the Netherlands.

Millions of tourists visit Dutch coffeeshops every year, but most of them have no clue about the complicated and paradoxical legal status of the plant.

It is located in Reguliersdwarsstraat, and is the perfect location from which to start a bar crawl or a fun night out, since bars around the area are plentiful.

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The locale is closed on Mondays, but visitors who want to enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere should head here any other day of the week.

The club is known as one of the city’s premiere cruise clubs, and is a perfect place to meet new people, all while enjoying an excellent cocktail and dancing to the exhilarating music.

The club has thematic and gay fetish nights where only men are allowed, so visitors should check in advanced what type of night they are putting on and what they should wear, since they often require specific dress codes.

Address: Warmoesstraat 51, 1012 HW Amsterdam, Netherlands, 31 Taboo has different specials and offers throughout the week, so is a great place to go to for those who are searching for some great deals.

On Wednesdays, for example, they put on a special cocktail night, even if they already have happy hours at two different times throughout the day, or on Fridays they serve tasty snacks to start off the weekend in the best way possible.

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