Solveig haugland dating design patterns

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(See Brian Marick's body-as-kludge article.) Their components also differ from software in that, say, a liver consists of oodles of liver cells, none of which are a liver but which in concert act as a liver -- with primary and secondary and tertiary functions intermingled.Finally, what would you do if you knew that one billion people would use your software?For starters, you would probably have to make the program multilingual down to its foundations... I think it's neat that some people think thoughts like these, and that at least a few of them are even actively pursuing answers...Steve Metsker and Bill Wake led a fun games session at the Educators Symposium last week.Add in the 1.25-mile jog from the Pan Pacific area to make a nice 8.5 miler.In previous trips, I've thrown in a second loop to make a 15-miler.Run the trails up to Prospect Point, far and away the highest point in Vancouver, to add some challenging hillwork to your workout. Mix in some minutes running on the interior streets and trails of the park to craft a variety of runs up to the distance of your choice.On my most recent trip, I continued my recovery from the Des Moines Marathon with three of the simple 8.5-milers, in 72, 70, and 78 minutes, respectively.

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The games we played were instantiations of what they call frames, which work a lot like frameworks in object-oriented programming.

It's a luxury hotel, more expensive than my taste for paying but just right for my taste for enjoying life.

Now, look to green patch near the middle of the photo.

The first two were Allerton Park, Illinois, and Muncie, Indiana.) As we chatted before his address to the OOPSLA Educators Symposium last week, Alan Kay said "Canadians really know how to do big cities." He's certainly right about Vancouver. Do you see the little sail-like structures in the middle of the picture at the right?

The tall building just to their left is the Pan Pacific hotel, which is where I stayed on my last two visits to British Columbia.

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