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Many devices live with a dry, technical name that either basically says what the device does, or is an acronym of that dry, technical name.

Very few get a nickname that sticks to become the industry standard. This is a MEMS device that acts as an underwater electro-acoustic transducer.

In English, different prepositions are used at that time.

For example, “at” for time, “on” for date and day of the week, “in” for month and year. “Kara” means the starting point of a time period, and “made” means the end point.

“Kara” corresponds to “from” in English, and “made” correspond to “until”.

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And due to the high standard of so many submissions, the gallery below includes not just the top 10 winners but also the top 150 prototypes overall, organized by category. Ringvold | Senior Health Checker | PDF | BUILD Glenn Sogn | Dementia Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view) Pooja Gangadharappa | Health Manager | PDF | BUILD Elisabeth Dahlerup Farah | Live Better | PDF Jari Kittila | Automated Healthcare | PDF | BUILD Valentin Back | Hospital Hygiene Monitor | PDF | BUILD Veronica Lopez Diaz | Home Buddy | PDF Stefan Binkowski | Smart Intensive Care | PDF Eldhose M Joy | Patient Monitor | PDF Johannes Reichel | ICU Monitor | PDF | BUILD J A Plews | Vitamin D Tracker | PDF MANUFACTURING Justine Amalorpavaraj M.And all these prototypes were reviewed and rated over 6,000 times through a peer review process.While you can access the course prototype gallery page via open SAP, it does require you to login with a free open SAP account to view it. ,000 USD – Winners for Net Hope Sachin Srambickal | Fleet Manager | PDF | BUILD Livia Botyanszki Boss | Elderly Care | PDF | BUILD (mobile view) Mathias Ehret | Solar Powered Waste Bins | PDF | BUILD Stani Baxter | Shop My Way | PDF | BUILD (mobile view) Aoife O’Dwyer | Smart Garden | PDF | Mockup Kevin K.For detailed information, simply select one of the topics listed here.A filter function also makes it easy for you to find answers to your questions.

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