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Sometimes these can be resolved by simply rebooting and trying to reinstall OS X again (or re-downloading the OS X installer if it was damaged), but if the error messages are persistent, then you may find that modifying the system date of the Mac can be the resolution.

It’s possible to encounter these errors during basically any type of installation attempt in OS X El Capitan or OS X Yosemite, ranging from the standard App Store update, using Internet Recovery, to clean installs, and using a bootable installer volume on a target Mac.

If you run into either error message while trying to update or install OS X while from an active OS X boot (say, a standard upgrade from the App Store), you can typically resolve the problem simply by setting the Date & Time on the Mac to be determined automatically.

To do this, go to the  Apple menu Date & Time, and be sure the “Set date and time automatically” option is checked: That method requires the Mac to have active internet access, however.

Pull down the “Utilities” menu option and choose “Terminal”, then type the following command into the prompt: The entire line matters, as the date must be correct in order to install OS X, specifically the year, because if the date set is prior to the release of OS X, the error will trigger.

Pay special attention to the year as an obvious indicator of something wrong.

Once you enter the proper date and hit return, you can exit out of Terminal and begin the installation process again as originally intended, and OS X should no longer throw the dodgy sounding error messages.

Do note that sometimes you will see the error message because the actual installer was modified or damaged during a download, to be sure that is not the case, always download the OS X installer applications directly from Apple and the App Store, and never from a third party site.

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Priced at , it offers dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi along with Air Play for wireless music playback and wireless printing.It's believed a regulatory issue caused them to be temporarily pulled.Apple is rumored to have stopped development on its line of Air Port wireless routers, suggesting we will not see refreshed devices in the future.If you notice the date is completely wrong, you can set it the current date and time using a variation of the same terminal command.You now have two approaches, set the date via the internet, or set the date manually.

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